New Mothership!

Hello! Lucid here~ I'm excited to announce that we have launched our new combination storefront and website! We will continue to update our twitter and tumblr accounts, so you will continue to get your sweet LJ content there.

New things about the store:

No more Tictail, no more Sellfy. We've combined our physical doujinshi and PDF stores into one, which makes things easier on everyone. We will honor any open orders or PDF purchases on Tictail and Sellfy, so if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

PDF purchases will be downloadable instantly after purchase, just like on Sellfy. However your download link will only work for 24 hours through our new site.

Unfortunately at this time we are not taking paypal. We may try to find a way around that in the future, but for now it's credit/debit card only.

Other news:

We are taking a short break from making doujinshi to focus on our solo projects! Lucid is finishing the second chapter of her original BL webcomic, Avialae, and Jack is starting up a new gay webcomic, Thistlewine. We will return to Doujin Town sometime in the fall!

We are officially one year old! It doesn't quite feel like it to be honest. Doing 7 books in one year makes it feel like so much longer. We are excited for what the next year will bring!!